Ragini Vandrey

Ragini Patel

Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant

Welcome to Rags2Fitness

At Rags 2 Fitness we are passionate about wellbeing, fitness, eating natural foods and living a healthy, energised life.

Life is fast paced with stressful careers, family and social obligations. We all face the challenge of finding time to exercise and eat well. At Rags 2 Fitness we are here to help get you on the path for a healthier life so you make those positive lifestyle changes permanent!

We will show you which exercises to perform and how to perform them in a safe manner. In combination with exercising, we will help you navigate all the good foods you can eat and the ones you should avoid.

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If you are determined to make positive and permanent lifestyle changes to live a healthier, enjoyable and a more energy filled life, let us guide you in the right direction.

With the cooler seasons upon us, it's nicer to stay indoors and we'll come to you.

Don’t wait to make a start, do it now!

Together we will improve your quality of life!


Client Testimonial

Ragini was professional, thorough, patient and knowledgeable; making all the workouts FUN and ACHIEVABLE!!! Her greatest strength was her ability to inspire me to achieve what I thought I never could do in my wildest dreams...

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Weekly Health Tip and Motivational Quote

Health Tip: Benefits of goji berries – fights cancer, anti-aging, stress relief, improves vision, skin, protects kidneys, improves fertility and weight loss.

Motivational Quote: “You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be " – David Viscott


Mission Statement

To provide clients with a personalised safe and effective exercise and nutrition programme that results in a positive effect on health and wellbeing.